The pouring of the Spirit at Pentecost is terribly misunderstood and has created a great deal of confusion in our day.  Pastor Sam, in his exposition of Acts, has provided helpful, timely, practical, and historically reformed insights into the meaning and significance of Pentecost.   We hope you find these sermons helpful as we seek to understand the Bible and better appreciate the role of the Holy Spirit in redemption.  Click Here: to link to Sermon Audio.


Happy New Year!   Have you heard of Jonathan Edward's "Resolutions", but never read them?   Here is a link to them for your edification this New Year's Day.

Don't be defeated this year if you quickly find yourself not keeping your resolutions perfectly.   Christ is our perfection!   Simply repent if there is sin, and endeavor again by God's grace to follow Him and live a godly life for His glory.  These resolutions are a good reminder that "good habits" are important, but godliness is a comprehensive way of life.  May 2015 be a year in which more Christians are known as men and women who "walked with God".



Feelings come and feelings go,

And feelings are deceiving,

Our warrant is the Word of God,

Naught else is worth believing. 

- John Flavel



Our church just completed a two part sermon series on the Great Commission.  Pastor Sam defends biblically that the Great Commission as being given to the church (as represented by the Apostles)  foundationally, but has profound importance to every believer in the body of Christ.  These sermons are both convicting and encouraging.

Part 1 - The Character of the Great Commission

Part 2 - The Consequences of the Great Commission


Click Here  to listen to Pastor Sam speak on the importance of Sola Scriptura.



Click Here  to listen to Pastor Sam speak on Godliness in relation to busy families.